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  • How much are your round trip boat trips from Weymouth Harbour to Portland Harbour?
    £15 per adult, £10 children (age 1 -12 years) Babies in arms are welcome at no charge with space to park a pram if required.
  • Can dogs come along too on your boat trips?
    Yes, well behaved dogs are most welcome, and they ride free!
  • Where do you your boat trips around Weymouth and Portland go?
    We leave Weymouth harbour, and cross through the bay over toward Portland harbour for a round trip of Portland harbour.
  • It's a bit windy, are your boat trips in Weymouth still running?
    Fortunately we can get to see in most weather conditions, and still stay in sheltered waters, but we tend not to go if it is raining heavily, the sea is rough or its foggy (it is supposed to be enjoyable after all)
  • What time do your Weymouth to Portland Harbour boat trips start?
    Normally around 1030, sometimes earlier if there is a boat load waiting to go!
  • What time do the Weymouth to Portland Harbour boat trips finish?
    Last trip is usually around 1600-1630 unless it is very quiet.
  • Can we smoke on board?
    Please think about your shipmates! if you think they'd rather not smell it, please do your best to restrain, its only an hour after all.
  • Do your boat trips go to Durdle Door
    Sadly our boat trips do not go as far as Durdle Door. This is due to the distance from Weymouth harbour to Durdle Door. Our boats cruise at a leisurely 6 knots, with Durdle Door being 6 miles away it would take 2 hours to complete a round trip.
  • Do you have toilets?...
    As we are only small boats doing an hours trip, we do not have the facilities on board! It is always recommended that you use the facilities ashore in the pavilion before embarking on a cruise!
  • How can I pay?
    Payment Methods - Credit / Debit Cards - PAYPAL - Offline Payments
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